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Rapeseed Varieties

DUROLA is a near-homozygous winter rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) cultivar with industrial rapeseed seed oil and canola-quality (less than 30 µmol g-1 of total seed meal glucosinolates in defatted seed meal) seed meal, selected for high adaptability to the dryland and irrigated regions of the inland Pacific Northwest. Durola is morphologically similar in plant appearance to the winter canola Athena; however, Durola lower leaves have a weaker vein and are more open, upper leaves are wider and shorter and have markedly more leaf serration, and is green to dark green where most other cultivars are blue green. Durola flowers early and has longer and more seedpods than other winter rapeseed cultivars. Durola is tall (152 cm), tolerant of late spring frosts and resistant to lodging. The seed of Durola has high euric acid content (greater than 50%) and low gluconsinate content measured at 14.7 µmol g-1 defatted seed meal. Durola is a plant release from Dr. Jack Brown’s plant breeding program at the University of Idaho. US VARIETY PROTECTION APPLIED FOR and can be sold only as a Class of Certified Seed. No Registered Class is allowed. Variety Producers
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